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February 2014′s Newsletter – Strawberry Chocolate Valentine’s Dreams
December 2013′s Newsletter – Surrender to the vibe this festive season

November 2013′s Newsletter – Summer love in The Bedroom
October 2013′s Newsletter – It’s all about “the girls” this month in The Bedroom

September 2013′s Newsletter – Have a sexy spring in The Bedroom!

August 2013′s Newsletter – Happy Women’s Day!

July 2013′s Newsletter – Exercises for the bedroom to warm your July!

June 2013′s Newsletter – Put a ring on it for Father’s Day!
May 2013′s Newsletter – Winning recipe for yummy mummies this Mother’s Day!
April 2013′s Newsletter – Sweet Cupcakes and Eggs from The Bedroom!
March 2013′s Newsletter – Free love and fun from The Bedroom!
February 2013′s Newsletter – Have a wild Valentine’s!
Christmas 2012′s Newsletter – Shopping Survival Tips in The Bedroom!
December 2012′s Newsletter – Spice up your festivities in The Bedroom!
November 2012′s Newsletter – Rainy weekend inspiration before Carte Blanche excitement!
October 2012′s Newsletter – A most sexciting month!
September 2012′s Newsletter – Put a spring in your step this spring!
August 2012′s Newsletter – Celebrate all through August with us – not only on Women’s Day!
July 2012′s Newsletter – What gadget do you want?
June 2012′s Newsletter – From simply hot to absolutely kinky
May 2012′s Newsletter – Autumn Warmth From The Bedroom
April 2012′s Newsletter – Easter treats for the bedroom
March 2012′s Newsletter – Pin the Shag Tag on your Board NOW
February 2012′s Newsletter – Be My Uncensored Valentine
December 2011′s Newsletter – Chocolate wishes and cranberry dreams
November 2011′s Newsletter – Pampered and ready to party
October 2011′s Newsletter – Seduction inside and out
September 2011′s Newsletter – Special Stars Again!
August 2011′s Newsletter – What every woman needs for Women’s Day
July 2011′s Newsletter – We-Winter in The Bedroom
June 2011′s Newsletter – Heat in The Bedroom
May 2011′s Newsletter – Happy Yummy Mummy’s Day
April 2011′s Newsletter – Easter time again
March 2011′s Newsletter – Weddings, Anniversaries and Parties
February 2011′s Newsletter – Yummy Valentine!
November 2010′s Newsletter – Love Letter from The Bedroom!
October 2010′s Newsletter – Births and celebrations!
September 2010′s Newsletter – Slip away and dance a mystical dance!
August 2010′s Newsletter – Chain me down and share my spring party!
July 2010′s Newsletter – Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!
June 2010′s Newsletter – Are you AYOBA?
May 2010′s Newsletter – Soft Lace and Warm Chocolate
April 2010′s Newsletter – Sensual Snapshot
March 2010′s Newsletter – Exotic Egg Hunt
February 2010′s Newsletter – Mischievous March
January 2010′s Newsletter – Vivacious Valentine’s Celebrations
December 2009′s Newsletter – Fantastic Festivities
November 2009′s Newsletter – Tantalisingly Two
October 2009′s Newsletter – Do you speak bedroom?
September 2009′s Newsletter – Spring Fever starts in The Bedroom
August 2009′s Newsletter – Parties, Promotions & Celebrations at The Bedroom
July 2009′s Newsletter – Ignite the Home Fires in The Bedroom
June 2009′s Newsletter – The Bedroom Makeover