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Tundra Swan is a gorgeous rechargeable mini vibe with seamless silicone this is perfectly sized.  Both ends of the plaything contain motors & can both be used.  Flexible shaft and silky feel for ultimate comfort.


The Tundra Swan is a gorgeous mini vibe with seamless silicone this is perfectly sized although still anatomically very pleasing and accurate. Both ends of the plaything contain motors and both can be used. This rechargeable plaything has a gorgeous silky feel to the high quality silicone and some flexibility for ultimate comfort and ease of use. The easy to operate interface has two raised buttons to control the two motors individually. Intensity of vibration can be increased by pressing and holding the button down until the correct strength is reached and a simple click turns the motor on or off. Tundra Swan is also waterproof for use anywhere you may wish.

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  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    When you go home with a vibe called “Swan” as the next plaything for “homework” and your husband starts quipping, “This one will not be a Mute Swan” or “Now we both have Swans with long necks” or “We can now make our own version of Swan Lake”, you know you are in for plenty laughs and great pleasure! Of course, it’s compulsory “Hello Kitty” pink colour just adds to the anticipated fun!

    The Tundra Swan is 1 of 3 “Swans” that we stock and is the smallest of the designs in our collection. It is a sleek and slender vibe that brings erotic sensations at the simple push of a button (or 2)! I took it home and charged it in about 2 hours by plugging the charger into the easy to see charging slot located on the underside of the plaything (opposite side to the buttons) – a red LED light will glow under the silicone while it is charging, when it is fully charged, the LED will turn off.

    As my preference of vibes doesn’t include “rabbits” (toys that give simultaneous stimulation) or vibes with escalating or pulsating settings, I just love this slightly curved 2 control buttons vibe (1 for each motor in opposite ends to change intensity). The Tundra is quiet, yet strong, flexible, rechargeable, simple to use, has a 100% medical grade silicone seamless finish (think totally hygienic!), waterproof, soft to the touch and a beautifully ergonomically shaped vibe! The said 2 control buttons are also made of silicone and are actually housed underneath the silicone, which gives you more toy to play with; i.e. there is no part of the toy that can’t be inserted! When you press the button, the corresponding motor turns on and the button glows red under the silicone. When you press the button again, the motor and light goes off.

    The unique feature of the Tundra is that it boasts 2 “bullets”, one at either end of the vibe (the one is about 1.5 cm in circumference smaller than the other). They can be used independently or together, depending on what/how you want to use it. I have used both ends both clitorally and vaginally and my preference is to use the smaller “bullet” clitorally (I prefer to hold onto the bigger side) and the more bulbous “bullet” internally (feels nice and full). Because of its flexibility, I actually managed to stimulate my husband when we were in close proximity (such as missionary, with bulbous end inside me), so I’m guessing gay and lesbian couples might also like this feature as it’s able to function like a “non-strap” strap-on.

    During solo play (which I did in the bath, because this is a case of “like a Swan to water”!) I inserted both ends in succession, which creates an interesting and intense effect of multiple re-entries of different sizes.

    You can independently adjust the intensity of the motors by simply pressing and holding down either button until the desired intensity is reached. I will just mention that unlike other toys where a quick depression of a control button normally changes the setting, I’m still getting used to the press and hold of button(s) to change intensity as a quick depression switches off the vibration – not really what you want when in the middle of passion! If both motors are simultaneously “engaged”, you can switch both off by pressing both buttons at the same time. It also has a travel lock button in order to keep things discreet (Simply press and hold both buttons at the same time until the lights turn off and to unlock do the same).

    Another tip is that with lube on fingers and toy, changing the “under silicone buttons” can be quite tricky, but hey, enjoy the slip! And talking lube, remember as with all silicone vibes, only use a water-based lubricant with the Swans.

    The Swans take about 2 hours to charge and will give you, intensity setting dependant, up to 6 hours of “playing time”. All Swans come with their very own bag to store it in. And talking storage, I adore the Tundra Swan so much that I have actually done a little “vibe clean-out” of my box of tricks so that my Swan, by design, is now right on top!

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