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The PalmPower provides you with a super-charged massage that sends relaxing sensations throughout your body with phenomenal intensity. Plug it in, press the button and hold on for instant gratification.


A firm favourite among our clients, the latest addition to our Swan family, lives up to all expectations set by this top class brand. The PalmPower Massager has a handle with a massaging head, ergonomically designed for intense clitoral stimulation.To make the toy even more versatile you can purchase the PalmSensual this come with two separate attachments that turn this beauty into a dual stimulating vibrator.

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1 review for PalmPower Corded Massager

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The Black Swan

    The Swan Palm Power Massager is the best present anyone could ever give a single woman… Yes I said single because quite frankly the stimulation you get from this toy makes up for the kissing and cuddling afterwards, you are so shagged out all you want to do is roll over and go to sleep. So where do I begin?

    The Swan Palm Power Massager is a plug in vibrator and you can purchase the 2 attachments (optional) separately.

    I would not use this toy without the attachments and this is why; The original cap is meant for clitoral use only so as you merrily start massaging yourself using the cap, it gets warmer and warmer until you suddenly realise that it is uncomfortably so it can desensitise your clitoris, so do not use it for longer than twenty minutes in one area. The answer to the dilemma is a simple one, the Optional Massager Heads. The Palm Below is a head that looks a bit odd, but that is because the toy is so strong that the g-spot stimulation is absolutely sublime. The clitoral stimulation is still a bit hectic for me, only because of the temperature. It really heats up!

    The Palm Power Dual Head, is the best kept secret in Swan history…. It looks like a rabbit, in other words it has an arm for clitoral stimulation and an arm for g-spot stimulation. When using the Palm Dual Head the internal stimulation is amazing, it seems to hit the g-spot with ease and at the same time the clitoral arm vibrates strongly against the clitoris causing the most explosive orgasms yet.

    The Palm Power is a powerful toy, the long cord allows you to move around and it certainly doesn’t get in the way, it is quite a loud toy which is why it is best if you are single. It can be used on a lower speed but if you enjoy strong stimulation then this is definitely the toy for you, as you press the discreet little button down the Palm Power starts up and the longer you hold it down the stronger the vibration gets until it is purring like a tiger.

    This toy comes highly recommended! The downsides are, as I said, you do need to buy the optional heads and that it has a cord so load-shedding is a bitch! It is also not waterproof for obvious reasons. The upsides of this little Personal Swan Massager are that you have to spend an extra R310 on a toy that becomes three vibrators in one, it has more power than any other vibrators because it is a plug-in toy and Oh Me Oh My it is absolutely orgasmic!

    My last words on this amazing vibrator are, don’t forget the lube!!! It is going to be used with abandon once you plug in the Palm Power Massager and prepare yourself for an orgasm or two or three ;)!!!

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Don’t forget the Lube!

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