Finally, all the festivities are over. We're well into January, back from leave, kids are back at school, and settling we're in to 2010, right? Well, to lighten up your transition back, we have some early Valentine's ideas in store to tempt you...

WIN Valentine's Giveaway

Fancy a flip for 2 in a Microlight or a Gyrocopter with Sky Adventures? A romantic picnic for you at your destination? What about a mini boudoir glamour shoot with Lesley Cole? And a Shunga Carnal Pleasures set? Or a set of Sexy Sleepwear from our The Bedroom range? Or even our Pom Pom Gift Box? How about ALL of that?!?!

Yes, we're really spoiling you this Valentine's with all of these goodies in our giveaway, valued at R4000! To enter, simply shop online or in store, before Friday 12 February, and you will stand in line to win this fabulous gift to be drawn on Friday 12 February.

Vivacious Valentine's Pom Pom Box

We have made up the most fabulous Pom Pom Box for Valentine's this year. Featuring just the right number of little somethings to whet your appetite and leave you both wanting more. There are goodies for him and for her in it, and lots that can be shared as well. Pictured in the header above, the Pom Pom Boxes will be available in store from next week.

BJ In A Bag

Want to really spoil your man? Need we say more? Also pictured in the header above, this new little gift bag of ours is already in store and proving to be a winner!
Used in conjunction with our How To Guide here ... this is sure to be a winner!

Benefits of exercising your Kegal Muscles

For the New Year Workout with a twist! Many women are not aware of where their Kegal Muscles are, let alone why it is so important to exercise them. Not only does exercising your Kegal Muscles improve your tone, but were you aware that the strength of a woman's org.asm can improve with the strength of these important muscles? We have a number of balls available in store to exercise your Kegal Muscles, pictured above are Lelo's Luna Beads and Fun Factory's Teneo Uno Smartballs. Used daily for 6 weeks, these balls can offer a marked improvement in your wellbeing.
Be inspired by our story, love yourself but don't be afraid to upgrade...

Fun Valentine's Novelties

If you want to get something small and fun this Valentine's, consider our Sex Bell (pictured in the header above) or the delightful Boobie Sqeeze Ball (pictured right). These little items are so lighthearted they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your Valentine's face instantly.  We also have Action Dice, Sexy Lady Playing Cards, Feather Ticklers and Blindfolds, etc. to set the tone for a seductive Valentine's celebration.

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