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Caressed & Fucked by you..

My lady love wrote me a love letter of sorts yesterday. I have not received a love letter in many years…and this one was very welcome. I feel utterly honored that her feelings and creative writing flowed into words. She described in a few hundred words how she feels while we kiss, how my mouth […]

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MAY is the month of Masturbation and may we all enjoy this delightful pleasure! So many men masturbate at least once a day, some up to 3 times a day. Women on the other hand… Perhaps once a week or once a month and some never. Some women have never masturbated and have no idea […]

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Tips for great Sex

Don’t spit – swallow Good intimate hygiene is important De-fluff, wax or shave your intimate bits Play music Light candles Shower together Cuddle after sex Wash your hands before touching her vagina! Sex is messy… Accept it Pre-mature ejaculation… Give her enough foreplay Men and women should do Kegel exercises Strip tease for each other Don’t […]

Burlesque dancing
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My New Love Affair with Burlesque

I’m shaking with adrenaline. There is sweat slowing winding its way down the curve of my spine. My leather corset hugs me so fiercely that I have to breathe as if sipping through a straw. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this much make-up or been baptised in so much hairspray. My body is slick […]

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Thrill Me & Fill Me Quick!

  The Easter weekend is here!  Now is the time to ensure you have everything that you will need for your sexy break. If you are not going away for a Va Va Voom weekend… It may be busy with family,  here are a few exciting things  you can do to spice it up! Day […]