Burlesque dancing
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My New Love Affair with Burlesque

I’m shaking with adrenaline. There is sweat slowing winding its way down the curve of my spine. My leather corset hugs me so fiercely that I have to breathe as if sipping through a straw. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this much make-up or been baptised in so much hairspray. My body is slick […]

Emotional baggage
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Unpacking Relationship Baggage

My last serious relationship ended over a year ago and I was pretty solidly single for most of that time. I spent a respectable chunk of these solitary days reflecting on and untangling the reasons why that relationship didn’t work. I also put myself in new situations that forced me to grow and went on […]

The Next Level
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The Next Level

We all want to take our relationships to the next level, don’t we? We all want to spice up our sex lives and have passionate sex all the time but to be realistic when day to day life happens we lose that edge. It happens to the best of us, even when we are rampant […]

The Goddess Array

The Goddess Array

As promised – further in my overview of Naomi Wolfe’s book – Vagina, a look at part 4: The Goddess Array. (Over 2 posts, because there is so much good stuff.) I could subtitle this ‘How to turn your woman on and love her properly’. (And then you can leave your browser window open here in […]

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The Things I Would Say to My Seventeen-Year-Old Self

When I was seventeen I was shy, self-conscious and completely out of touch with my body and sexuality. Most of what I had been taught as a young person was that sex was ‘bad’ and that masturbation was a ‘dirty practice’. It’s therefore no surprise that as I started to explore more sexually, I was […]