Indulge Yourself This Weekend

Indulge yourself this weekend, it is the Easter weekend and time for chocolate and Easter eggs, the last of the South African Summer is slowly making way for our gorgeous Autumn and the holidays are here. We have a long weekend and things are all just peachy keen Jellybean. I am not going to be talking about sweets or chocolate unless it is in connection with our decadent smooth and seductive Wicked Chocolate Body Sauce. This is the last time I will mention anything edible unless it is an intimate body part.

Indulge yourself this weekend, think about what you want, if it is time on your own to find your inner Goddess or telling your partner what you want, take a moment, relax and decide exactly what it is you want. If you can’t verbalise what you want to your lover, tell him, or her, to use all five senses to decipher your needs. Tell your lover to watch your every move as your lover touches your body, to smell your scent, to listen to your breathing and to taste your skin. Your paramour will soon work out what you want. It might seem as if you are indulging your significant other but if you are both committed to each other, this is the ultimate self indulgence.

Ask your lover to do express what he, or she wants to do sexually, this is an interesting exercise, keeping in mind you do not have to do what your partner wants to do, but you might be relaxed enough to to indulge in their needs. Let your Inner Goddess come out to play, sensual exploring is indulging yourself.

If you do not have a lover indulge yourself by lying in bed a bit later than usual with a rabbit, I would suggest the Kissing Swan and a bit of erotica, close the door and explore your own body, the self satisfaction is indulgent in itself.

Have an eggciting weekend M’Dears and indulge yourself, if you don’t nobody else will.

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