Buying your first set of kegel exercisers can be an extremely daunting experience so we’ve given you a basic of run down of what is what.

First off – kegel exercisers are used to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle – I can’t pronounce that particularly well so we’ll go with PC muscles for today. Your PC muscles support your pelvic organs, including your urethra, bladder, and bowel. These muscles also happen to be the ones that contract when you orgasm. Meaning that the stronger you PC muscles the more you will be able to contol your orgams and the tighter your grip will be.

Your basic kegel exerciser consists of a ball of medium weight attached to some form of cord (retrieval is important right?). Then as you become more advanced the balls get heavier and sometimes narrower making them more difficult to ‘hold on to’.

We have various options when it comes to this. You can get the Fun Factory Smartballs which come in two sizes, the Uno which has one ball and then the heavier Duo which has 2 balls.

Our most favourite and recommended one are the Ami Balls by Je Joue. These come in three sizes in a beautiful silky seamless body safe material. We love these in particular because they are extremely hygienic, with no bumps or ridges and getting all three commits you to completing the training.

You can get more technical with sets like the Lelo Luna Smartbeads which works as your very own personal pleasure trainer. The Luna Smart Beads touch sensors respond to your every squeeze measuring your orgasm potential and setting a routine that is right for you.

We are also IN LOVE with the new Clarity. This kegel exerciser also vibrates meaning you can use it for pleasure as well. You can use the Clarity as a clitoral stimulator or as an egg – the possibilities are endless!

Have a look at our older blog where the pleasurable aspects of kegel balls are explored. All work and no play is no fun 😉

If you need anymore help drop us an e-mail on and we guide you as best we can.

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