So after having had 2 kids and my partner having seen me in the most compromising situations I decided that I wanted to reclaim some of the sexuality and sensuality we shared pre-baby days.

I had never bought sexy lingerie and was petrified it would not fit right and be less than flattering on my new, more um, voluptuous body. So I settled on a pair of lacey red boyshorts. A BIG change from the granny broeks I bought when I was 6 months pregnant and haven’t bothered to replace.Just the act of moisturising my entire body and feeling the soft and silky lace against my skin made me feel more comfortable and in all honesty, my bum looked pretty cute which helped.

Only once we were in the car on the way to the restaurant did I give my partner a glimpse of the lacey red knickers I had bought. He was extremely appreciative and when I whispered that they were crotchless in his ear he had to use all forms of self control to stop from driving straight back home.
Needless to say dinner was filled with that old kind of flirting and touching that we had forgotten about. Needless to say the rest of the evening progressed VERY well.

Since that evening I have experimented a bit more with lace gowns and teddy’s. My next big one will be a full length body stocking. But my hubby still loves it when he peaks a flash of red lace under my oversized top while I am making dinner.

I found that my eagerness to get some of the sensuality back into our relationship was what my partner found sexiest of all. In fairness he’s not really a lingerie kind of guy, but my confidence and enjoyment of being sexy for him turns him on as much as it turns me on.

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