There has been massive societal pressure over the last few years for us to ensure that we are smooth and bare and I have tried everything. From the awful stinging of Veet (NEVER VEET YOUR VAGINA) to the red bumps and burning of a post disposable razor shave I have been there. I was very brave for a while and did the grown up waxing it all off for a while but stopped for a while and no amount of courage could get me to walk back into a salon, spread my legs and make awkward eye contact while someone waxes my most intimate areas.

Through all of this I never stopped to ask why I was doing it. Aesthetics? Because it would please my partner more? or maybe hygiene? In reality I was doing it because everyone else was. It has become a societal norm to be smooth and bare as if we never had pubic hair in the first place.

Come to think about it there are a few benefits of having a bush, here are some of my favourites:

1. It is healthy and hygienic. Pubic hair forms a barrier to the very sensitive entrance to your vagina preventing bad bacteria from entering and causing infection, it protects against micro-tears which happen with skin to skin friction decreasing the likelihood of STD’s as well as acting as a ‘cushion’ protecting against vigorous bumping and grinding which usually leave you feeling a little tender the next day.

2. It can improve sex. If you have a more hooded clitoris you can pull the hair back during intercourse to expose the clitoris for more direct contact.

3. My favourite reason though, without a doubt is having a bush is the ultimate litmus test for the first time you get naked with a partner. If he is making any critical comments about the way you look down there it says A LOT about him. If he wants the squeaky clean smooth hairless chinchilla you are looking at someone who may partake in little to much porn and unless he has his balls waxed through to his arsehole he should probably not be making demands on your choice of pubic hair the first time you get your kit off.

The most important thing about grooming down there is to do what makes YOU feel sexy and if grooming yourself to what your loving respectful partner desires then that can also make you feel like a goddess.

With this all being said summer is on the way and I personally like to have a more groomed bikini line. If I had the guts I would go back to waxing but I just can’t bare it. I have found using electrical personal shavers like the Swan Intimate Shaver to be my best bet. No bumps or pain just a neat bit of grooming.

Fun Fact: the bush doesn’t always match the carpets because the melatonin in the pubic area is different and often darker causing darker pubic hair to what’s on top.

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