G-Spot Twist

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Recently while making love with my most yummy lover he moved us into this position. Oh my!  I wanted to stop the entire show there to ask how he knows it?? I have only had one previous lover that knew this position. I was over the moon, I love this position!
I knew I had to blog about it. However I did not know the name of this position or how to find it on my knowledgeable friend Google. I also had no idea how to explain this position to the ladies at Parkhurst. So all I could do was to show them this physically!!

So in the lounge area, one of the other ladies assisted me.  So I am lying on the floor, with her snugly between my legs! The next moment we look up and our IT man is standing at the door, his face flushed red, all we could do was to burst into laughter!!!

After embarrassing him, I found the position in the highly rated Position Sex Bible – Randy Fox.
It is called: Lateral Jackknife splits! Position no 14!
And traditionally this is a Taoist position and not Kama Sutra.
So if your man knows this position, you are most lucky!

Lie on your side where your partner will move your top leg higher to your chest, and position himself on top of your lower leg in a lower kneeling position, move your top leg to go over his so that you are in a stretched fetal position. Then let him enter you.

Ladies you can either twist your back a bit so that you can have eye contact with your beloved, or you can lie more on your chest and look away from your partner, and doing so, you will receive fabulous G-spot stimulation!

Your partner can either move in a rocking movement or the same as he would with doggy style! This gives for a deep penetration.

Or your partner can be still and let you move your body the way you would like to while your man enjoys the arch of your back!

I then asked my lover why the memo on this position was not sent out to all men?
His answer: because I invented it!


Yogini Brenda

Yogini Brenda is a Tantra Teacher that is based at the Parkhurst Branch. Her passion is to assist women, men and teens with all sexual, marriage and relationship matters. In reality she dances in meditation, and from the eye she swings from chandeliers.

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