Caressed & Fucked by you..


My lady love wrote me a love letter of sorts yesterday.

I have not received a love letter in many years…and this one was very welcome.
I feel utterly honored that her feelings and creative writing flowed into words.

She described in a few hundred words how she feels while we kiss, how my mouth feels and how she knows my mouth.
I sat on the edge of my chair lost in sensuality, love and at that point, lust …. waves of passion from the words flooding me.

It felt like she wrote these words on my body… She found these words from my body… My body responded, I could feel my wetness…her words created something so very real, I could feel her kissing me, my breath flowing with hers… How can she do this on a day that I am not seeing her?

And then at the end, she gave me the delicious cherry on the cake…

“When you lose control and your body shudders and you moan and cry and grab hold of me or the sheets or anything that can earth you in case you lose your soul to the vast nothings beyond the threshold upon which we dance…

My energy begins to ache and throb in humbleness and in adoration and my yoni becomes electrified

I want to be swallowed by you and consumed by you and devoured by you

I want to be made love to, dissected, and buried and dug up and sliced and caressed and fucked by you till my identity dissolves in an explosion so intense it lays waste in the entire cosmos”

And then I felt it… Even though we did not see each other on this day,  she just made love to me in a thousand different ways.

It made me feel close to her…it meant more than a text message… It meant more than a phone call… It meant that she shared a beautiful intimate moment with me and it meant that she is really present with me while making love.  Without me sharing with her all the beautiful places I travel to when we make love… the fact that she can feel that. That she knows exactly how lost I get in it, how deeply I surrender.

I felt utterly honored to receive her most intimate moments with me in words.

I hope this is an inspiration for you to share all your intimate moments with your partner too. We feel a thousand things during love making, a mix of pleasure and bliss while all our layers drops away until the moment where nothing exists. And sharing this with each other in words creates another magical intimate space.

Ding ding ding! You did it my love! You have outnumbered all my previous lovers with this erotic love letter!

Thank you love, for the way you open your body to me, moving with me, listening to my body and allowing yourself to flow deep into sheer bliss!

Yogini Brenda

Yogini Brenda is a Tantra Teacher that is based at the Parkhurst Branch. Her passion is to assist women, men and teens with all sexual, marriage and relationship matters. In reality she dances in meditation, and from the eye she swings from chandeliers.

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