MAY is the month of Masturbation and may we all enjoy this delightful pleasure!

So many men masturbate at least once a day, some up to 3 times a day.
Women on the other hand… Perhaps once a week or once a month and some never.

Some women have never masturbated and have no idea what the inside of their juicy vagina feels like…
Some have stopped masturbating when they have found their “happily ever after” person.

Masturbation is just as important as having sex with your partner.
It is not just about the sexual release – it is about spending intimate time with yourself, catching up with yourself and getting to know what you feel like.  It is about exploring the changes in your body. It is a few minutes with yourself in a loving embrace.

I would like to encourage you to take the time for yourself  to explore your own body, making your own juices flow with a loving intimate embrace.

There are a few things that you can try for your self-loving pleasure…

For the ladies
Shunga Orgasm Enhancement cream
A lovely Vibrator that hits just the right spot
And do slip into some sensual lingerie which will feel soft and silky on the body and get you in the mood for self love.

Time restrictions?  Try to bring your sensual loving into your bath or shower time…

For the Gents

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream

Tenga Products or any other male masturbating item

For Couples

Why not support each other in your self-loving experience and do it together?

Play some lovely music, light up the candles and create your sensual space.

Sit opposite each other, or lie down facing each other – masturbate together and look at each other while doing this.  It is quite beautiful to see the self-loving bliss on your partner’s face and will most certainly bring your own to a new heightened orgasmic experience.


Yogini Brenda

Yogini Brenda is a Tantra Teacher that is based at the Parkhurst Branch. Her passion is to assist women, men and teens with all sexual, marriage and relationship matters. In reality she dances in meditation, and from the eye she swings from chandeliers.

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