Tips for great Sex

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  • Don’t spit – swallow
  • Good intimate hygiene is important
  • De-fluff, wax or shave your intimate bits
  • Play music
  • Light candles
  • Shower together
  • Cuddle after sex
  • Wash your hands before touching her vagina!
  • Sex is messy… Accept it
  • Pre-mature ejaculation… Give her enough foreplay
  • Men and women should do Kegel exercises
  • Strip tease for each other
  • Don’t own underwear with holes unless it is crotchless
  • Kiss each other while having sex
  • Massage is always a winner
  • Talk about sex
  • Sex on your period is intimate and acceptable
  • Always use lube with Anal
  • Own beautiful lingerie
  • Feed each other chocolate and wine
  • Invest in a couples toy
  • Have longer foreplay – 20 minutes minimum
  • Sexting is great
  • Throw out the TV in your bedroom
  • Don’t jump into the shower immediately after sex… Enjoy the bliss first.
  • Don’t use the “I am tired card” more than once a month… Change your life.
  • Explore his testicles
  • Share your fantasies
  • Touch her breasts
  • Hold each other’s bum bums
  • Toe kissing is amazing
  • Take it slow…
  • Explore different positions

    Have fun, explore and use your imagination!

Yogini Brenda

Yogini Brenda is a Tantra Teacher that is based at the Parkhurst Branch. Her passion is to assist women, men and teens with all sexual, marriage and relationship matters. In reality she dances in meditation, and from the eye she swings from chandeliers.

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