Thrill Me & Fill Me Quick!



The Easter weekend is here!  Now is the time to ensure you have everything that you will need for your sexy break.

If you are not going away for a Va Va Voom weekend… It may be busy with family,  here are a few exciting things  you can do to spice it up!

Day 1

In the morning slip into your Crotchless Boyshorts and let your partner know that you are wearing them.  It most definitely will stimulate his mind that you are giving him an easy access entry for the day!

The We-Vibe Sync is the ideal companion for your crotchless day.  Especially if you are planning to have a quickie somewhere inbetween the busy festivities.  Let your partner slip it in for you and he can operate and change the settings on the unique phone app.

No one will know what the two of you are up to!  It will make your quickie feel like a full on marathon session!  Meet up wherever you can sneak in a vivacious quickie, and with the We-Vibe in place already, foreplay is taken care of and your easy access panty will thrill both of you and fill your happy hormones right to the top!

Day 2

Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss…  I love this sensually erotic lip gloss!  Apply it on your lips, take your partner by the hand and lead him to a secret spot where you can sneak in a few minutes to devour his penis.  To make it look less suspicious you can sext him your secret location and invite him to meet you there.

This glorious Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss creates a unique warming and cooling sensation on the penis and will blow his mind!

Day 3

Easter Egg hunt

For this you will need to get a Tenga Egg.

Let your partner know that there is a sexy egg hidden somewhere for him.  Give him tips and clues throughout the day.  Don’t make it too obvious as you would like the hunt to build up the tempo and become part of the foreplay.  Also hide it in such a way that other family members or kids can’t find it!

To keep the day and hunt interesting for him, wear a piece of sexy lingerie underneath your clothes which will be easy for you to take off.  Take a pic of it and send him a preview text saying he can see it on you only once he finds the egg…

Eventually when he does find the egg… let him know where to meet you.  You can either pretend that you guys want to take an afternoon nap, or go for it once the kids are in bed.

You can do one of two things, you can either give him a sexy strip tease dance and then use the Tenga egg on him, or you can let him do the Tenga stimulation while you give him a sexy dance.  Ooh la la!

Day 4

The Womanizer is one of the most unique toys that creates an intense wave suction stimulating experience right on the Clitoris, resulting in an orgasm within seconds or minutes…

Text your partner to meet you somewhere and for him to find you in an orgasmic bliss with the Womanizer in a standing position and make it easy for him to enter you still keeping the Womanizer in place. Yummy Yumm….

If you have a waterproof Womanizer – the shower works great for this.

You can also take the foreplay a step further and let your partner slip in a Princess Diogol Anal plug in for you in the morning… creating the perfect triple whammy!


Have a luscious, scrumptious, blessed Easter!

Yogini Brenda

Yogini Brenda is a Tantra Teacher that is based at the Parkhurst Branch. Her passion is to assist women, men and teens with all sexual, marriage and relationship matters. In reality she dances in meditation, and from the eye she swings from chandeliers.

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