We all want to take our relationships to the next level, don’t we? We all want to spice up our sex lives and have passionate sex all the time but to be realistic when day to day life happens we lose that edge. It happens to the best of us, even when we are rampant little bunnies? We have children that demand our attention and don’t get me wrong, we love the little buggers but sometimes a bath without John and Jenny would be flipping great. In fact going to the loo without a tot on your lap would be bliss let alone a shag with foreplay. Basically any eroticism goes out the window when you have a young family … it isn’t much easier as a couple with careers and and stress, both of you working and worrying about careers or how the politics of the country are going. I might be sounding a tad cynical but I am being honest, the one thing that tends to take a backseat is our sex life.

We get stressed out and the more stressed we are the less we want to have sex, the less we have sex, the more stressed out we get and the less connected we feel with our partners, it becomes a vicious circle that has to stop somewhere. You can either give in and let your relationship go down the drain or you can reconnect, you can make time to bring the passion back into your lives.

Kiss each other, linger on each others lips and savour the softness of his or her mouth, touch and caress each other when you are standing next to each other, remember why you chose your partner to be your mate. Wait until the children are asleep; we all know how tired you both are but you have to take care of yourselves and your intimacy is the basis of your family and your partnership, without it you are living next each other not as lovers and friends. Turn the lights down, light a few candles and get naked. Invest in some lubricant, stress dries everything up, and I mean everything, try a massage candle to really relax you both if you are totally out of practice and once you are back in the saddle have sex three times a week. Make it non-negotiable, even if you have to catch up on on the weekends ;).

If you are comfortable using toys we recommend the We-Vibe Sync, we keep writing about this toy for good reason, it is versatile and is perfect for couples in long distance relationships, it makes parent teacher interviews oh so much fun and date night … need we say more?

Enjoy the next level M’dears

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